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Enhance Your Reiki Experience

Although Reiki is an individual experience, I recommend the following to gain the full benefits of your session:

  • Avoid alcohol, recreational drugs, and other forms of healing for at least 24-hours.

  • Prescribed medications will not interfere with the balancing process.

  • Hydrate well to encourage the body to detoxify.

  • Make rest/relaxation a priority.

  • Salt baths/self-massage.

  • Avoid screen time.

  • Be mindful of the food you consume (avoid sugar and caffeine).

  • Spend time outdoor.

Your Reiki Experience

All experiences with Reiki are individual and unique. You may feel cool, hot, tingling sensations or movement in your body (stomach rumbling/muscle jerking) - this is the energy either releasing an energy block or re-balancing. Your body knows exactly what is necessary to bring you back into alignment and it will do just that, in the most suitable time and a way for you. You may feel nothing at all or just fall asleep! Remember whatever comes up, your body is freeing blockages that don’t allow you to be balanced. A typical session lasts for approximately 75-minutes, beginning with a conversation to determine what you’re hoping to achieve, then relaxing fully clothed on a massage table. The energy is channelled through the hands by laying them on the client in different positions or hovering above.


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