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Most of us live in a world where what we think and how we feel influence most of our decisions. This affects just about everything in our life – what we eat, who we spend time with, and how we spend our days. We actually think we are what we think and how we feel. As a result, we become rooted in fixed ways of thinking and doing.

​When we take the focus off what our mind and body are communicating and deciding whether something is good or bad, we can become more aware of our own energy.  Quietening the mind is the way to achieve this.

​To experience this in a basic sensory way, notice how your energy responds by feeling happy (light and expanded) when even a stranger smiles at you, but then when someone angry walks into a room, you possibly feel angry (heavy and contracted).

​With practice, you can remember to hold onto your own energy and not be influenced by others no matter what’s happening around you. Although this is a lifetime practice that ripens slowly. Sometimes we achieve it and other times we forget!

​There can be so much more fun and laughter in our lives if we focus on building a stronger connection between our mind and body.


For many years it’s been widely accepted that our body consists of 2/3 water, although we rarely think about the fact water is just particles bouncing between each other. The pull between these particles is what we call ENERGY. If we break down the make-up of the human body it enables us to fully grasp this fact. 

The human body consists of 9 Major Systems – the Circulatory, Digestive, Endocrine, Muscular, Skeletal, Nervous, Reproductive, Respiratory, and Urinary systems.

Contained in these systems are tissues and organs, which in turn consist of cells, and these cells consist of molecules.  Molecules are composed of tiny atoms, and these atoms break down into subatomic particles.

Subatomic particles are held together by a magnetic force - Energy

After processing this information, we can fully understand that our bodies are so much more than the vehicle we use to move around in. It actually helps us understand why we continually change, not only in physical form but also in how we think.

Our bodies and minds are forever taking on new information and adapting to it. So, if we change the way we think to a more positive outlook, we will enjoy the flow-on effect of more positive emotions and behaviors.

Reiki balances the energies that course through our bodies, including the brain, as well as the energy surrounding us, we can create a better life for ourselves, in whatever way we individually perceive.


  • ​​Rest on the left side to digest more efficiently.

  • Use slow moments to work out any stuck thoughts, energy.

  • Sip warm herbal tea.

  • Eat ‘grounding’ heavy foods, such as curries, root veggies, good fats, avocado, olive oil, etc.

  • Add herbs and spices to foods.

  • Take a salt bath.

  • Spend time listening to solfeggio music.

  • Learn mediation, or sit quietly 5 mins per day watching your breath come in your nose and out your mouth.

  • Write simple affirmations – I am worth it.

  • Self-massage after a shower.

  • Spend time in nature.

  • Avoid heavy meals after a session – allow mind and body to digest and process.

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