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Marita has a carefully constructed a calming, beautiful environment that confirms her personality and professionalism.  She openly and generously receives, and carefully and gently guides.  I feel safe, seen, and understood.  I have confidence in her ability to promote healing.

As a new client, emerging trust is empowering.  I anticipate that I will gradually gain perspective of the attributes of Reiki in regards to my healing.  I have experienced surprising change.

Jane Ineson

Marita's space has such an organic wholesome feel from the moment you step out of the car, I felt very comfortable to drop my guard down and share my reasons for exploring Reiki almost instantly.  Since my session, I have felt more level, and am practicing techniques she has taught me.  I look forward to my next session.

Jackelyn Ellis

For anyone curious about Reiki and healing in general, I thoroughly recommend a session with Marita. She is experienced in what she does and is such a wonderful and kind human being.  The Reiki experience itself was very effective in terms of how I felt afterward, and Marita gave me great tips on what to do after the session to maximise its benefits.  I can't imagine not having our sessions, they have changed so much in my life, I'm so thankful.

Kylie McDermott

I had my first Reiki experience at Ai Reiki Studio with Marita, she has a lovely nature about her and has such a beautiful healing space. It was so calm and tranquil and I felt completely at ease. Marita was patient in making sure I understood what was going to occur and she and that I was comfortable the entire time. Marita was very kind and clearly has so much knowledge and experience.  This was my first session and I feel like my eyes have been opened to the world of Reiki and healing. I can not describe in words the way I was feeling after my session. I will definitely be going back to see Marita and highly recommend it to others.

Emily Ellis

Marita is totally professional in her work, attending to all details for the benefit of her client.  She is always exploring extra lines of thought or additional avenues to assist her clients, and is tuned in and committed to you. I have explored learning and using Tapping (the Emotional Freedom Technique - EFT) with Marita.  I felt listened to and cared for as an individual.  I liked the way that Marita's broad knowledge and experience with  Reiki and other healing modalities gives depth to her practice.  I walked out feeling relieved and lighter, positive and stronger to deal with the issues I was grappling with.  As I have journeyed along with Marita, I have found EFT to be, at least, very helpful and at times - totally amazing - being able to achieve and overcome in areas where I had been 'stuck in a negative pattern for years'. Thank-you Marita.  We are so fortunate to have your healing and empowering work in our community.

Kathleen Murphy

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